Meet The Team 


Photographer. Remarkable young woman with f2.8 aperture eye and extra senses to detect non-visible sources of electromagnetic radiation.  Gotta love the way her brain works, especially in moments when she shifts into infra red vision mode.  

Her photographs are not just the story about her but the essence of life itself. She's quite possible the weirdest person you'll ever meet and definitely an outstanding character who is beyond reproach. 

FOTOBLUR portfolio 



Visual art & design. Trapped in a wrong timeline in the wrong universe. Obsessed with details, accuracy and precision. He could never work without a tank of coffee and wagon of cigarettes. Always in search for logic and sense, which makes him look "utopian" for the rest of the world. 

Founder of NadaVisual concept, Ivan spends most of his time on improving his ideas and the world around him. Minimalism is a design style he could never escape from, have that in mind when you ask him about working on a project. 

And there is nothing wrong with bionics and implants!!!