Quality Print or eBook cover design will make your product get noticed. Professionally designed Covers are a great way to demonstrate to your prospective customers that you mean business. The cover sells and creates a feeling of trust within the first 3 seconds!

A 50% deposit is required in advance, with the balance to be paid on final approval. After you have completed the briefing form, you may set the order above

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Important: Please, leave the design process to the professional. Dont ask for recreating a specific scene from the book. Your cover should convey the tone and genre of your story, be eye-catching and most importantly, look like its been professionally done. We know the way to do it. Shoppers in a bookstore spend an average of 3 seconds looking at the front cover before deciding whether to buy it. A survey of booksellers showed that 75% of them found the book cover to be the most important element of the book. Incorporating a detailed scene is totally wrong approach, this is never a good idea.