What size do the covers come in?

E-book Covers: 1600px x 2400px. Printable Cover: Any size you want (createspace cover template used). Facebook Cover Art: 851px x 315px. Audio Book Cover: 2500px x 2500px. You can have your cover designed in any size you want just let me know when you place your order. There is no extra charge for this.

What format are the files sent in?

You can have your covers saved in any format you like just let me know when you place your order. I will also send you your cover in multiple formats, you never know when you may need other

Will my cover design be resold?

No, once you have bought a cover that design is yours.

Can I make changes to my cover?

Yes you can make changes to the covers: Fonts can be changed if you know the name of the font or have seen a font on another cover just let me know or you can describe what you want and I will send over a few sample. Font colours are easily changed too. Colours can be change on a cover.

Can I use a photo that I have for my book cover?

Yes, but you must have permission to use the photo or have a model release, and it needs to be high resolution for printable covers.

I have lost my cover file's can I get a copy of them?

Yes you can get a copy of the file's, just email me and I will resend them over. There is no charge for this. (Don't forget to back up your new file's)