The Fool

Right in the core! AMAZING Russian film from 2014, so accurate and with straightforward message about the fucked up society we live in. For a long time I didn't watch a good movie that shake and disturb that much. And if anyone is wondering what it looks like, living in a corrupt, greedy and fucking immoral world,  I strongly recommend you should see this film. FUCK, I dare you to watch!

The story took place in nowdays Russia, bud don't get fooled by that. If you really think about it, you may find incredible match with the current social issues  in your own place where you actually work and live.  The film is universal in many ways and can be connected with any society and country in the world and thats the beauty of this peace of artwork. I don't want to tell you any details only for a reason you must watch this movie for yourself. 

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Enjoy if you can.