I'm A Neanderthal And I Like It

Among the pile of shit theories about human beginnings, alien or supernatural and divine intervention, lost continents and super humans, hollow earth and conspiracies, a new, smelly turd has emerged. And I like it a lot! 

Modern men is nothing else but a wasted material - dump leftovers of Neanderthals.

Why I like this one? Because its cool, and original and makes sense on a thousand of different levels but most important because its LOGICAL!!! The story begins back in prehistoric period, when the first anatomically modern humans entered Europe, around 40000 BC and for the first time faced with Neanderthals. And this period will eventually became the most important leap for modern men. The theory suggests that early, quite primitive man, a hunter-gatherer with primitive tools and technology, for the first time in history has been meeting with a species, more advanced in social, cultural and technological way. In fact, before this event, humans didn't know shit about culture, religion or science. Simply because it was way ahead of their evolutionary path. I guess some things are never gonna change. On the other side, Neanderthals were more like modern men, sophisticated on many levels, stronger, better adopted to environment and diseases  and most likely became the inspiration for the future generation of men. Back at the time when homo sapiens didn't give a shit about the world they lived in, Neanderthals were able to trace the stars, comprehend the laws of nature and interpret them through religion and science. This was a totally new world for modern humans and it was a huge impact for the future events, especially for the offspring of humans and neanderthals who would have inherited some of the most valuable features and genes. YES, they mated! Genetic analysis of the mandible of an modern man who lived  in what is now Romania between 42.000 and 37.000 years ago reveals that early humans interbred with Neanderthals when they first came to Europe.   

You don't buy it? OK. Neanderthals were nocturnal. That's why they developed large eyes and massive visual regions in their brains, just to compensate for Europe's low light levels. For this obvious reason, they were obsessed with night sky, stars and the moon and that was the start up flame for why they got interested in cosmology in the first place and started with tracking the stars and explaining the world around them.

Have you ever wondered why we are so compelled to make and hear music? Neanderthals had amazing vocal abilities, quite deep and emotional way to communing with each other, through music. And this was the one of the first things modern men adopted. 

 Carpathian Sphinx Panorama by Sarahorsomeone

Carpathian Sphinx Panorama by Sarahorsomeone

Because of the fact Neanderthals were so innovative, hungry for knowledge, technologically and emotionally more advanced than modern men, they had also recognized the advantage they have to less developed relatives and in some point probably decided to upgrade their cousins and share the world with them. A natural rock formation on Carpathian Mountains in Romania when watched from a certain angle, reveals the image of a face of Neanderthal, looking towards the west and when we walked around it, a new, more recognizable modern human face emerged looking towards north. This unique formation of rock is probably the only potential, artificial evidence to back up this theory and there are many reasons why.

Let me skip all of the further speculations and analysis and finally get to the point. Because modern men are so primitive in many ways, all along with their hubris and arrogance, they finally fucked up the show and in some point, around 24.000 years ago, SURPRISE!!! We have Europe with no living Neanderthal! You may ask but why, what happened? Let me see... primal wish to rule, to possess and control, self-importance, selfishness, power, money, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, HITLER, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!!

But there is hope folks. According to the human genome, the DRD47R, originally Neanderthal gene responsible for innovative and creative side of humans, have survived in today's population. The vast majority don't have it at all, some are just carriers (20%) but some have this gene activated (about 10%). CONCLUSION: If you don't have it at all you are probably more traditional, more depending on religion and social environment. But if you have one, you probably stand out from the crowd, you are quite creative, innovative and open-minded person. 

This is not a speculations. That's science. That's a Neanderthal in YOU!