Parallel Me

We always dream the events that occur in a very strange circumstances, in a way we never experience while we awake, and they're always coming back with some new, crazy shit, with no connection with our real life.  Some of them are just the altered reflection of our daily experiences, a psychological fuck up we're dealing with almost every other night. So I figured out, dreams must be some kind of a window to another realities. Another timeline of the opportunities we missed, different life paths, sometimes happening in a different kind of places or time. A glimpse into another dimension, a parallel world with the same people and places but in slightly different way.

                                                  Think Parallel. FREE Wallpaper 1920x1080

                                                 Think Parallel. FREE Wallpaper 1920x1080

And every other night is another one, another fucked up world, another fucked up "ME" in another fucked up universe. This is why we could never make connection between two different dreams. And if we do, if we somehow find the relation, that means we got a dream about a particular parallel world twice. It makes perfect sense to me.

Which brings me to conclusion that every fucked up dream I had, has actually happened before, somewhere, to someone that looks just like me. And there are so many of "ME"s out there. In most of the times they do exactly what I would do in some situations but sometimes they really fucking surprised me with the shit they came up with. 

My final debrief about the dreams would be: If I can dream about the events and it happens to a parallel versions of myself in so many parallel worlds and universes out there, it means that at least one of my parallel self got some weird, fucked up dreams about my life and my world here. I almost feel sorry for this guy.