I've got some issues lately, about some phrases and words people often use, that makes my brain work backwards. The brand new word, that I discovered I'm having problem with is "hospitality". What concerns me here is the way we accepted this word and how we use it.

Where I came from (and I believe its a common thing for the whole world by the way), people are very fond of using this word like: "Oh, we are well known by ours hospitality". How? Welcoming people with a big fucking smile on your face and your mother died two days ago in a horrible death? Yea, you watched your mom in a 3 days unimaginable pain marathon, and now you're smiling to some unknown motherfucker because you are a good host? Plus, you didn't collect your last check from your employer, and the reason is because he didn't fucking fill one, OK?! You don't have any fucking clue how to pay the last month bills but hey! I am professional and here I am right now, smiling and pleasing some random jerk, making him feel so fucking special and all for reason he doesn't get a wrong idea about me or my country? Are you fucking kidding me?! But that's who we are and how we do. And its damn hard to go around and discuss about it, believe me. I tried yesterday and some guy called emergency number. Don't do that, honestly. Ever!

I was in the middle of a conversation the other day, and they were all like yeeea, we are well known by ours hospitality and kindness. Two minutes later they fucking yelled and screamed at a beggar asking them for a food. And this unexpected event didn't stop them to continue with glorifying their own country and making a point of other rude and spiteful nations. You ever noticed how everything about your country is nice and awesome and everything about foreign is SHIT?

I imagine that lot of us like to travel, staying in different types of hotels, go around the world and all for our own personal amusement and fun. Because we worked whole year so hard and we deserve a decent vacation, yeah? Ok. How many times has happened that you payed for some kind of service you wanted so bad and instead of that you got shit? I know some guys complaining about it all the time, but I believe everyone had such of experience at least once. And we are so mad when it happens right? We are so self important in those moments, so fucking angry because some damn ethiopians treated us like shit, we stayed ten days in a fucking dirt ruin with cockroaches and other special effects like NO water or PAY for extra towels crap! And after all of that we finally came home, unpack our shit and start complaining how we just returned from the worst vacation ever! Let me ask you something... Do you really know where Ethiopia actually is? Does it ever occur to anyone that this part of the world have major difficulties with economy and modern development and people literally living on one fucking dollar a day? Try and picture yourself in this kind of situation, struggling with depression, hunger or health. And it can be any other country, any other place on the planet. Now think of this. You will never question a trip you are absolutely satisfy with. Because you got what you were looking for and most important, what you payed for? Well, the difference between a good and a bad experience is in fact that some people know to fake their feelings so fucking good, and you have this feeling like oh my god, they are so kind and great and everything, and in the other hand we have this ethiopian thing, with people who are just not ready to do it with the same passion and who obviously have difficulties to accept the modern metric system. Which leads to my conclusion about hospitality as unnatural and forced way of kindness, an invented phrase for defining the level of the accommodation industry.

Think about it.  Hospitality is not something you can link with defining yourself or something as a good thing, or something that is ok. It's simply not. It's just a way to make a pleasant gesture or moment in cases you don't feel like you care.  Don't confuse it with the general kindness to your loving ones and your close friends. Hospitality is always related to a kind of business or forced way of accomplishing the goals. 

My final definition would be:

Hospitality is faking the personal feelings, beyond the limits of reason, about something or someone, due to money or self-righteous benefits.

Are you really ok with this? Because if you are, it speaks a lot about fucked up world we live in.