Evolve Or Die

We all know about the human evolution theory and as far as I am concerned, everything is clear and obvious. But have you ever imagined what will humans look like in the future?

Will we continue to evolve and one day end up like some weird one eye-big head- short legs creature, or we just decide in some point, that we want to take matters into our own hands? Personally, I don' think we're gonna be here in only 50 years from now, with this level of consciousness it's more likely we kill each other and all the evidence of destructive, fucked up human behavior supports my prediction.  But let's say I am wrong! Let's say we find the solution to go beyond this shit and survive somehow. What's the next step?  

Assuming we reach this reasonable future, society will probably depend on technology and science far more than we do today, and in some point start to use the knowledge for some kind of artificial upgrade of human body. In other words,  thanks to science we will become healthier, smarter, more adjusted to environment, physically and psychologically updated, eventually immortal.  Think about it. Cell research allows us to clone spare versions of our organs in case one or more of them goes bad. We can utilize gene therapy to replace dying brain cells and cure hereditary disease. Having regular treatment using these strategies means that we can technically live forever.


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Today, lot of people would probably say I'm full of shit, that this will never happen because its a bad idea to mess with nature in that way. Its the same guys who would rather die in severe pain than accept blood transfusion only because some "book" say its wrong. The same people who has been cured of some nasty disease and instead of thanking doctors they thank god. Its those men and women around the world  who would literally kill another human being for something they call ideology or belief. We're those kind of people now aren't we?

I went too far with this? I don't think so bro. Among all the types of shit we have now, mine smell like honey. I want to be plugged-in!