A Hole In My Brain

Have you ever wondered how the hell from all of the billions and billions of galaxies, in this vast emptiness of space, the universe chose this shit-hole planet to put you there in the middle of nowhere where everything logic  turns into irrational and everything unintelligent into a wisdom,  and then wait for something incredible happen?

Well guess what? Nothing happens!

I'm sitting on some rocky planet, most of the time working my ass off to earn a decent living, listen to all kinds of bullshit every day and trying to picture myself somewhere else, in some parallel universe where everything is complete opposite and quite different. I know, heavy isn't it? Maybe I'm too dark. Maybe I go too deep but at the end of the day you realize that after all the working, walking, sleeping, running, eating, drinking and shitting you will eventually DIE in some car accident, natural disaster, incurable illness, in the best case while you sleep, where your suspended pre-death consciousness is fucking your brain for the last time.

Welcome to A Hole In My Brain! I hope you know the way out